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3/30/2021 - Community Input Meeting (Invitation)

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As you may know, North Tama is in the process of conducting a comprehensive study of the district’s facilities.  The study will result in a long-term, comprehensive master plan for the district's facilities which is intended to provide a long-range vision for North Tama's facilities over the next 10-20 years

Since the study began in December, a team of architects and engineers has spent countless hours examining every part of the district’s facilities, making observations and taking careful notes. They’ve visited common areas such as the cafeteria, gyms, hallways, and restrooms, as well as all classrooms, lab areas, offices, and locker rooms. Their observations have included everything from the highly visible areas such as the gymnasium, main entries, and outdoor athletic fields to the areas that many people never see such as the steam tunnels, boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, and locker rooms. They’ve watched vehicle traffic and pedestrian patterns during morning drop-off and afternoon dismissal times, as well as foot traffic in the hallways during transition times and in the cafeteria during meal times.  They’ve made notes on the age and functional capabilities of our heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, as well as other important items such as roof conditions, controlled access/security, and handicapped accessibility

During the month of March, the architects and engineers conducting the study have held virtual and in-person meetings with numerous groups within the school community, including student leaders, teachers/support staff, and coaches.  

Because the insight and opinions of the entire school community are critical to this process, YOU ARE INVITED to a special Community Input Meeting that will be held virtually on the evening of Tuesday, March 30 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. This meeting is designed for ALL INTERESTED DISTRICT PATRONS including parents, alumni, members of the business community, farmers, civic leaders, booster organization members, and any other interested North Tama taxpayer. The meeting will be held using the ZOOM video conferencing platform, but participation by telephone is also an option so that EVERYONE has an opportunity to listen and be heard.  

To sign up to participate in the Community Input Meeting, simply visit this link and provide your contact information.  You may also contact the school at (319) 478-2265, and we will be glad to sign you up!