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Corporal Punishment/Reasonable Physical Force

Corporal punishment will not be used to discipline students, as the North Tama Board of Education believes it does not deter disruptive behavior. However, reasonable and necessary physical force, not designed to nor intended to cause pain, may be used upon a student with or without advance notice in order to accomplish any of the following: quell a disturbance or prevent an act that threatens physical harm to any person; obtain possession of a weapon or other dangerous object within a pupil's control; self-defense or defense of others; protection of property; to remove a disruptive pupil from class or any area of school premises; to prevent a student from self-infliction of harm; and to protect the safety of others. 

Reasonable physical force used should be commensurate with the circumstances of the situation and it should be moderate so as not to cause permanent physical harm to the student. The student's parents shall be given an explanation of the reasonable physical force upon request. In the event reasonable physical force must be used for the reasons described above, students disciplined under this policy shall receive appropriate due process.