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Access to All Rooms

The North Tama County School District has a plan that outlines how all programs and services are accessible to persons with disabilities when there are physical access barriers. All conferences are ...more

FERPA Annual Notice

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and students over 18 years of age ("eligible students") certain rights with respect to the student's education records. They are:

  1. T ...more

Asbestos Notification

Asbestos has been an issue of concern for many years. The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act of 1986 (AHERA) was designed to determine the extent of asbestos concerns in the schools and to act as ...more

Church Night

Wednesday evening has been reserved for church activities. This evening will be kept free from school meetings or practices. A student's statement they "do not attend church anyway" does not alter ...more


Corporal punishment will not be used to discipline students, as the North Tama Board of Education believes it does not deter disruptive behavior. However, reasonable and necessary physical force, not ...more

Early Graduation

The North Tama County Community School District maintains an officially adopted School Board policy (Code #605.6) of Early Graduation. Students may graduate prior to the completion of grade twelve ...more

Equal Employment/Affirmative Action Coordinator

Craig Josh Youel, Elementary Principal, has been designated by the North Tama Board of Education as the Coordinator for Chapter I, Section 504 Handicapped, Title VI Civil Rights, Title IX Sex ...more

Human Growth and Development/Religion Based Exclusion

The North Tama School provides students with instruction in human growth and development. Parents may review the curriculum prior to its use and may have their children excused from human growth an ...more

Illness and Medication at School

Kindergarten Enrollment Age

Iowa Code section 282.3 very explicitly states, “No child shall be admitted to school work for the year immediately preceding the first grade unless the child is five years of age on or before the ...more

Kindergarten Immunization

Parents must submit a Certificate of Immunization to the school at the time the child enrolls in kindergarten. This certificate is properly completed when:

  1. Signed by the parent
  2. Dates of the shots given

NT Special Education Services Delivery Plan

Open Enrollment Application Deadlines and Definitions



Except as otherwise stated herein, no pets are permitted at events sanctioned by the Iowa High School Athletic Association and the Iowa Girls High School ...more

Postsecondary Enrollment Options

The Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act (Chapter 261 C, Iowa Code) was enacted to promote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a wider variety of options to high school students by enabling ...more

Search and Seizure

School district property is held in public trust by the Board. School district authorities may, without a search warrant, search students, student lockers, personal effects, desks, work areas, or ...more

Student Directory Information

The North Tama County Community School District has adopted a policy designed to assure parents and students the full implementation, protection and enjoyment of their rights under the Family ...more

Substitution of Foods/Special Meals

The USDA governing the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program states that substitutions to the regular meal must be made for children who are unable to eat certain foods because ...more

Tobacco Free Buildings and Grounds

Smoking or use of smokeless tobacco products will not be permitted in District vehicles, in District buildings, or on District grounds at any time. This applies to school-sponsored and also to ...more

Wellness Policy

North Tama School: Parents’/Guardians’ Rights to know Notification

Parents/Guardians in the North Tama County Community School District have the right to learn about the following qualifications of their child’s teacher/paraprofessional: state licensure requirements ...more


The North Tama County Community School District offers career and technical programs in the following areas of study:


Industrial Technology


Family & Consumer Sciences

It is the ...more


It is the policy of the North Tama County Community School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, creed, age (for employment), marital ...more