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Mission, Vision, Beliefs, and Philosophy


Opening Doors to Life-Long Learning


The North Tama School District envisions a school where all students will achieve a degree of academic success which will equip and empower them to adapt to our rapidly changing society. We envision a transformed school organization characterized by new program designs and delivery systems that are founded on three basic elements: active student participation; meeting the needs of all students; and collaboration among students, parents, the school, and the community.


  • We believe maintaining the financial stability of the district and retaining all existing programs so that North Tama will remain as a viable K-12 school district is in the best interest of promoting learning for the students of this District.
  • We believe the home, community, and commerce need to be in partnership with the school to maximize the quality of education for all students.
  • We believe parents have a responsibility to involve themselves in the education of their children through cooperation with school and open, specific, and regular communication regarding student progress.
  • We believe the purpose of staff development is to positively impact student learning by the teacher’s participation in continual,meaningful, learning experiences throughout his/her career.
  • We believe that a clean, safe, and physically comfortable learning environment,where the teacher serves as a facilitator, promotes student learning.
  • We believe students should be given the opportunities to learn by incorporating a variety of interesting, stimulating, challenging and rewarding methods,materials, and activities into the learning environment.
  • We believe in equality and equity in our educational programs and the importance of a diverse student population to understand people’s differences (race, creed, color, national origin, gender, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, ormarital status ).
  • We believe students are valued unique individuals who develop and learn at different rates, learn in different ways, and learn better by active participation in their own learning.
  • We believe student learning is optimized when teachers set standards and expectations, integrate developmentally appropriate and meaningful learning activities into the curriculum, and continually assess learning in a variety of ways.
  • We believe when the skills mastered in the areas of technology, character education, and career development is integrated into the curriculum, it provides the foundation for life-long learners.

Essential Learnings

Effective Communicator
North Tama students will be able to effectively communicate with diverse audiences by using speaking, writing, reading, listening and viewing skills; and other forms of communications.

Knowledgeable Person
North Tama students will have a fundamental knowledge of basic academic skills – including technology and information management - to adequately function in the rapidly changing society.

Contributing Citizen
North Tama students will develop the qualities of a responsible, productivemember of society. North Tama students will take the initiative & time to improve the quality of life for themselves and for others.

Collaborative Participant
North Tama students will be able to use effective group skills to foster, develop andmaintain supportive relationships with others in culturally diverse work, community, educational and family settings.

Self-directed Learner
North Tama students will formulate a positive vision for themselves and their future, set priorities and achievable goals, create options, initiate actions,monitor and evaluate their progress and perseverance, and assume responsibility for their choices.

Decision Maker
North Tama students will be able to apply complex thinking skills in order to make better decisions.

Critical Thinker and Problem Solver
North Tama students will be able to access, integrate and use various resources and technologies to reason and make decisions and solve complex problems in a variety of settings.

Personal Wellness
North Tama students will acquire concepts and skills to live in a changing world and society. North Tama students will understand and demonstrate components for a healthy life both as individuals and as group members of society.


The philosophy of the North Tama County Community School recognizes a shared responsibility for the education of our young people. This responsibility is assumed by the school, the home, and the community. We feel that a good school is one which sets realistic goals based on this sharing.

We view the mission of the North Tama County Community Schools as being preparation for the future. This preparation includes a fundamental knowledge of basic skills and a desire for continued learning throughout life. Areas of future needs include the principles of democracy,world citizenry, family living, health and safety, recreation and leisure, interpersonal relationships, careers and community service. It is anticipated that each area of study, each activity and each organization of the total environmentwill direct its efforts toward the attainment of these objectives.

To achieve this end,we believe the North Tama CountyCommunity Schoolmust provide an atmosphere where our students can prepare for active future citizenship with ever increasing opportunities for self-actualizing, self-evaluating, and decision-making.

We also recognize the importance of providing both equality and equity in our educational programs; that is providing both the opportunity for all students to have equal access to programs and the opportunity for all students to have access to programs thatmeet individual needs and goals.

In accomplishing these goals we consider the joining of technology and education to be of critical importance. Preparation for the future requires of our students a thorough understanding of how to applymodern technology to their daily lives.